What are the opportunities COVID-19 brought?

Lisa Picovschi - BRACT Agency
4 min readNov 18, 2020

It all started in early 2020. We began talking about a new virus, and it felt pretty far away from us, from our reality. How could we even imagine it would affect our entire planet and way of living? But here it is and still threatening. We keep thanking our medical system for taking care of us, but how can we use this period to grow and keep working efficiently?

Maybe it’s the right time to do a rebranding.

As most of our daily lives seemed to change and slow down, it is the time to take a break, breathe and see precisely what we could change, improve, or remove in our way of working.

Rebranding your company is not just changing your logo. We restart the whole process and dig deeper. We review everything from your brand strategy, what worked and didn’t, and then only we can redesign your visual identity. Sometimes a 180° change is not needed, but a slight change can make a huge difference, especially in your audience’s brain.

Doing a rebranding can be a little bit scary, and we completely understand why. You may be afraid of losing your actual consumers, so here are some of the reasons why a rebranding would be an improvement:

  • Your consumers are leaving your company for other brands.
  • New competitors are emerging and are directly threatening your market.
  • You feel your brand identity doesn’t suit your identity anymore, your team, your brand values.
  • You want to refresh your look-and-feel to target a younger audience.
  • Your market is consistently changing. New trends change the way your target consumes, buys, and talks about your product.
  • You are thinking about selling your company in the future.
  • You want to have fun!

Rebranding can be a solution to many problems. Time passes, and things change, and if we don’t adapt ourselves to the new needs, we can quickly lose our consumers. We don’t advise it to every company because it’s better to leave it this way when an organization works. Small improvements can also be a solution.

Digitalize your company.

What will change forever is mainly the way we use our digital devices. From ordering groceries online to having a medical consultation, it seems that every market is moving on. If you don’t have a digital presence, it’s crucial to invest your efforts in this direction. Creating a beautiful website and intuitive interface to keep the link with your consumers and, most importantly: keep selling your product! You shouldn’t think it represents that much work. It can be done quickly and really easily. At least, at BRACT, this is how we work.

If you don’t have it yet, the primary tools you should be focusing on are:

  • An intuitive e-commerce website.
  • A clear landing page presenting your project, company, or product.
  • Improving your SEO by writing content and blog posts to entertain your audience.
  • Developing an exciting and entertaining newsletter.

Your audience didn’t disappear; they’re just on social media.

Social media have never performed so well. The quality of the content is rising, and we appreciate the new positive messages shared on those platforms — empowerment, positive thinking, and self-development. If your studio, photographer, and videographer are not available, it remains effortless to create engaging and performing content. At BRACT we believe that our audience has become more indulgent regarding the quality of the content shared. The “do it yourself” or “from home” has become acceptable, even for big corporations. So, you don’t have any excuse to use your phone, take a picture of your product, and share it on social media. Nowadays, the message itself became more important than the look and design of it. Together, we can figure what would be the right strategy and benevolent message to share.

We’ve never been so distanced and so close at the same time.

We understand that this situation can be tough for some of you, that’s why we would like to express our deep consideration and support to all of you. Hiring an agency during those uncertain times can represent a waste of money, but it is, more than ever, the most significant investment. When we will get back to normal (because we will!), everything would have changed — the way we consume, how much and where we buy, and who produces this product. We want you to re-emerge after this pause stronger than ever, prepared for a better future. Let’s talk about it! Visit our website: www.thebract.com



Lisa Picovschi - BRACT Agency

I created BRACT Agency after working in Paris, London, Tel Aviv New York, and San Francisco, convinced that brands have a superpower.