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Lisa Picovschi - BRACT Agency

It all started in early 2020. We began talking about a new virus, and it felt pretty far away from us, from our reality. How could we even imagine it would affect our entire planet and way of living? But here it is and still threatening. We keep thanking our medical system for taking care of us, but how can we use this period to grow and keep working efficiently?

As most of our daily lives seemed to change and slow down, it is the time to take a break, breathe and see precisely what we could change, improve, or…

So we watched it, and here are a few things we retained: “Social networks are platforms where users are the product,” said the documentary. A product, as they call it, is something that will make them earn money. Basic.

From another perspective, TV and media have always worked this way, offering free information, content, and earning money by sharing advertising campaigns. So why would social networks be threatening? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok, and Google are the most influential companies today because they detain the most data. But again, why would it be threatening?

If we think about it, who…

We’ve always thought that creating our own company would mean freedom, more income, and power. But what nobody told us enough is that it would be a long and unpredictable road.

Most of us create our company because we want to resolve a problem and help many people with our new product or service. Some others wish for freedom and the feeling of being their boss. There are as many reasons to create a company as entrepreneurs out there.

When we start thinking about our project, it is natural to have high expectations and big ambitions. We feel we know…

Lisa Picovschi - BRACT Agency

I created BRACT Agency convinced that brands have a super power. To inspire, move, and touch people in a different way. With care, benevolence, and positivity.

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