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Lisa Picovschi - BRACT Agency

Maybe it’s the right time to do a rebranding.

As most of our daily lives seemed to change and slow down, it is the time to take a break, breathe and see precisely what we could change, improve, or…

Everybody started talking about it — a new Netflix documentary about social networks and its impact on our lives, behaviors, and opinions.

So we watched it, and here are a few things we retained: “Social networks are platforms where users are the product,” said the documentary. A product, as they call it, is something that will make them earn money. Basic.

We often think that launching a business is a sprint when it is a marathon.

Most of us create our company because we want to resolve a problem and help many people with our new product or service. Some others wish for freedom and the feeling of being their boss. There are as many reasons to create a company as entrepreneurs out there.

Lisa Picovschi - BRACT Agency

I created BRACT Agency convinced that brands have a super power. To inspire, move, and touch people in a different way. With care, benevolence, and positivity.

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